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Wootton Fitzpaine lies close to the border of Devon in a valley that runs down to the sea at Charmouth.  Lambert’s Castle Hill at eight hundred and thirty nine feet and the protruding Coney’s Castle at seven hundred and two feet form a backdrop to the village in the valley below.  The Manor House lies a little to the east of the village.  This whole area appears as a rolling wooded landscape but on the lower slopes is the richer farmland dotted with grazing cattle and sheep with here and there, arable fields sown to wheat or barley.  In spring the woods have a carpet of bluebells and hidden areas are still to be found covered with wild daffodils and primroses, while hedgerows produce an abundance of other wild flowers.  Small streams flow from the adjoining valleys to converge and join the river Char at Charmouth.

Wootton Fitzpaine Manor
Wootton Fitzpaine Manor
Wootton Fitzpaine from Coney's Castle towards Charmouth
View from Coney's Castle over Wootton Fitzpaine and Charmouth

For nearly a thousand years the hub of this parish has been the manor of Wootton Fitzpaine which varied in size during its history as lands were added or sold.  In its last years the estate stretched from Whitchurch Canonicorum to Monkton Wyld and in depth from Charmouth to Lambert’s Castle.  The landscape of woods and trees is the creation of landlords who in the past planned the whole, and the skill of the farmers who with their workers have tended the fields to produce food for themselves and our nation.
In recognition of those who have tilled the soil before us, witnessed the events of history and overcome many adversities, we have attempted to record the history of our small village and manor in a book entitled ‘Wodetone - A wooded place- A history of Wootton Fitzpaine.  

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